Very Berry Ice Cream

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Very Berry Ice Cream


2 cups ice

3 heaping TBS Tocotrienols

1 TBS Mesquite

1 TBS Maca

1 TBS Raw Almond Butter

1 TBS Xylitol

2 cups frozen organic mixed berries

1 dropper plain stevia


The trick to successful ice creams is to split the ice in half. Put half of the ice in the bottom of the blender, add your flavorings and ingredients next, and sandwich these in between the second half of the ice on top. Blend on high speed using a lot of elbow grease and the tamper to mix the ingredients together. You get the best results using a VitaMix high performance blender because the tamper helps keep all the solid ingredients moving and makes a nice, creamy consistency. You can also try the recipe in a regular blender, using crushed ice, stopping periodically to scrape the sides down with a spatula to ensure even blending. In this case you may have to place the mixture back in the freezer for a little while to regain the solid consistency, but the result will still be delicious! Top off with a fresh mint leaf and some whole berries.