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Raw Superfood Ice Cream Recipes!

If you’ve ever wished you had an easy recipe for homemade ice cream, but didn’t want dairy or sugar, this is your solution!

Superfood Ice Cream recipes contains 10 simple recipes for vegan ice creams that you can make in a matter of minutes in your VitaMix at home, using just ice, superfoods, and low glycemic sweeteners.

This booklet includes a basic vegan ice cream recipe that you can use to make up your own flavors, limited only by your imagination, plus 9 more variations that are delicious as is, or which you can embellish with additional ingredients and toppings.

As a bonus, there is also a recipe for Warm Carob Fudge Sauce. You won’t believe how decadent these ice creams taste and the best part it, they are GOOD FOR YOU! These “ice creams” have more nutrients than most people get in an entire day so you’ll be doing yourself and your body a favor to try them.

These are the recipes you will receive:

1. Base Vegan Ice Cream Recipe

2. Mint Chocolate Chip

3. Very Berry

4. Probiotic Paradise

5. Coffee with Jing Herbs

6. Green Goddess

7. Coconut Caramel Swirl (pictured)

8. Beauty Blast

9. Nut Butter Ice Cream

10. Chocolate with Fudge Sauce

Bonus Recipe: Warm Carob Fudge Sauce

Note: Your recipes will be delivered as a PDF download. For best results, these recipes work best in a VitaMix, high-performance blender.

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This book will be available again  in the spring!

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