Class Descriptions

Are you interested in learning more about any aspect of raw food? Colleen can design and deliver customized classes on many aspects of food preparation and/or nutrition! Just let her know what you would be interested in and you can have personalized support specific to your needs.

Here are some of the classes that Colleen offers on a regular basis:

Raw Food Basics

Description: Are you new to raw food? Figuring out where to start with a healthier diet can be daunting. There are many conflicting points of view about what to eat for optimal health.

Get simple, easy-to-follow guidelines about upgrading your diet and lifestyle to include healthier foods that will give you more energy, balance your weight and improve your quality of life.

Chef Colleen will demonstrate easy recipes for meals that take 30 minutes or less to prepare. You’ll be able to go home and recreate these recipes right away with just basic equipment found in most kitchens.

Healthy Nutrition for Your Young Child

Description: Confused about what to feed your child for optimal health? Raw Food Chef and Health Coach, Colleen Cackowski will offer an informative and practical workshop demonstrating easy-to-make dishes that support your health and the health of your young child. You’ll receive recipes, taste samples, and better understand what simple things you can do to truly support and nourish yourself and your family.

Here are some benefits of a healthy nutritional plan for your young child:

* Build a strong immune system to evade any illness

* Maintain high energy and restful sleep

* Improve mental clarity, concentration and focus

* Avoid health problems and conditions later in life

Fabulous Fermented Foods with Chef Colleen

Description: Centuries before modern appliances existed, our ancestors preserved their food through the cold winters with fermentation. This time honored practice also ensured that peoples’ digestive tracts were healthy and flourishing with live enzymes and microflora.

Our modern world has weakened our systems by removing cultured and fermented foods from our diet and introducing toxins like antibiotics, stress, coffee and alcohol, and improper food combining.

Fermented foods are enzyme rich foods that are alive with micro-organisms. These foods allow beneficial microflora to “colonize” in our intestines to keep us healthy. Our “inner ecosystem” helps support our health and fight infection. A healthy gastrointestinal tract is critical to a strong immune system.

Medical research has shown that fermented and living foods support the immune system, stimulate digestion, detoxify the intestines and assist with healthy cell metabolism. Fermented foods have an incredible zing and enhanced nutritional benefits.

Are you looking for an easy way to detox? Improved digestion? A more stable mood? Greater energy? Join me in the kitchen and I will teach you how to accomplish this and more! A must course for anyone with sugar sensitivities or for children with autism, ADD or ADHD.

Chef Colleen will demonstrate how to make the basics: coconut water kefir, coconut yogurt, sauerkraut, and non-dairy vegan “cheese”. You will get to sample everything, and learn how to build new recipes from the basics… things like mango lassis and kefir margaritas (non-alcoholic) And… you will go home with recipe packets and a quart of your own sauerkraut as a starter!