About Me

Colleen Cackowski is an award-winning gourmet raw food chef. A raw foodist since 1996, Colleen is very familiar with the challenges and pitfalls that we can encounter as we try to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Trained by many of the leading names in the industry, Colleen spent two years as the personal assistant
to Cherie Soria, Director of Living Light Culinary Institute. At Living Light, Colleen was able to make a
difference in the lives of students from all over the world as well as contributing to the business in many
different ways.

Colleen has catered green room events for musical artists such as Deva Premal and Miten and other well
known performers and teachers. Highly recommended by those who have worked with her, Colleen has
great attention to detail, creativity and focus.

More recently, Colleen enjoyed working with Euphoria Loves Rawvolution in Santa Monica, developing
new dessert recipes for their popular café.

Currently Colleen enjoys working with David Wolfe, Truth Calkins, and the Longevity Now Conference
team. She develops new recipes for David as well as for many restaurants around the world that offer
raw food and tonic elixirs.

Colleen has had a healing practice which began in 1990 with the study of Traditional Chinese
Medicine and Shiatsu. Since then she has expanded the range of modalities to include Reiki,
Crystal Healing, Soul Retrieval, Flower Essences, Sound Healing, Magnified Healing, Angelic Healing,
Reconnective Healing, Access Consciousness, Massage Therapy and Nutrition. She completed a 3-year
program with the American Health Science University for Certified Nutritionists as well as numerous
other certifications.

Colleen is committed to helping people find a path to optimal health and vitality. She knows that the
client is responsible for achieving the results, and that achieving results sometimes takes an enormous
about of discipline and determination. However, Colleen’s techniques and support makes the process
much easier by making eating fun, adventurous, and above all, delicious!