Electrolyte Replenisher

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Electrolyte Replenisher

This is a great cooling drink for summer. We lose a lot of minerals and electrolytes through sweat, and when the weather is warm, it’s especially important to replace what we have lost.

Coconut water is very hydrating, and rich in electrolytes and minerals. It has a very similar profile to blood plasma. Adding Quinton minerals (0.9), a nutrient-rich marine fluid, is an incredibly effective way to restore cellular homeostasis and mineral balance. Cucumbers are alkalizing, hydrating, and great for the kidneys and bowels. Limes are in season, and helpful for aiding digestion. The potassium in limes balances the sodium in the Quinton. Adding goji berries, brings a natural sweetness and the supplementary benefits of super antioxidants to boost the immune system, polysaccharides, amino acids, and more minerals … great for the skin and so many other things. This is an easy drink that you can make in under 5 minutes!


Coconut water from 1 fresh young coconut (about 12 ounces or so)

2 TBS Goji Berries

1 serving QuintEssential™ BioTerrain Restore 0.9 (Quinton Isotonic)

½ cup organic cucumber

Juice of one lime


Mix together in a blender and enjoy!


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