Post-Workout Smoothie

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Raw Recipes |

Post-Workout Smoothie

After a workout, it’s important to consume a healthy balance of good carbs and protein to rebuild skeletal muscle, potassium to help with muscle cramps, electrolytes and fluids to rehydrate, Vitamin C to support the immune system, and turmeric to assist with inflammation. Here’s a delicious smoothie that’s easy to make and contains all the elements to assist with post-workout recovery, as well as some additional herbs to boost stamina and endurance. Blend and enjoy!


Post-Workout Smoothie


8 oz. coconut water

4 oz. spring water

1 banana

1 cup fresh or frozen organic raspberries

¼ cup cashews

1 TBS hemp seeds

3 capsules Total Athlete (Jing Herbs)

1/8 tsp turmeric


Add all ingredients together in a blender, including the contents of the Total Athlete capsules. Blend until the smoothie takes on a creamy, even texture. Enjoy!