About Me

Colleen Cackowski is an award-winning gourmet raw food chef. A raw foodist since 1996, Colleen is very familiar with the challenges and pitfalls that we can encounter as we try to embrace a healthier lifestyle.


Studies show that people looking to improve their health achieve significantly greater results when they have people supporting them in their goals. Whether you are looking for this kind of support or merely want to have delicious and optimally nutritious, high vibration meals prepared for you, Chef Colleen can help!


Get free raw food recipes that will change your life with none of the hassle and stress, explore amazing tonic herb blends that you can make in your own kitchen, and get the inspiration you need to make positive changes to your life everyday!


Get amazing raw recipes that will dazzle your taste buds and bring healing energy to your body instantly with my growing selection of eBooks! I’ve compiled some great recipes and how-to’s to make it simple for you to bring the power of raw food in to your life right now!

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"Expanding Awareness Through Everyday Food Choices"